Solution: How to map External Content Type to Office Item Type (Outlook) without using SharePoint Designer


Several months ago I stumbled into an issue. I had OData data source with events and had to connect it to Outlook. Usually, it is a very simple task to map a content type to Office Item Type using SPD. However, for a while, SPD can’t work with OData at all. So, it was impossible to use common tool for that.

After three days of unsuccessful googling and asking how to achieve it everywhere 🙂 I tried to investigate it myself and found a way to do it!

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SharePoint 2013 Workflows. Part 2/3: custom ASP.Net task form


This is the second post of the series related to SPD 2013 Workflows. In this post I will show you how to implement custom ASP.Net task form and embed it into your workflow. Some parts of this task are straightforward; However, there are several pitfalls and changes from SP2010.

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