Walkthrough: How to keep old SharePoint links working after a migration

In this walkthrough I’ll show you a way how you can keep old links to SharePoint content working after a migration of a site or part of its content to a new place. This solution can help you in different scenarios when you change the content URL, but don’t want to ask your users to update their links.

In my case, I used this approach when I did a migration of inherited SharePoint 2010 to a new server. During the migration there was an upgrade to SharePoint 2013 and total revision and reorganization of the content structure. A lot of files were moved to new libraries and folders, some department sites were split up, while others were combined. The main challenge in this migration was the strong requirement that all the old links should keep working. The requirement was fulfilled and by now it has already been working in production for about a year without any issues.

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