SharePoint 2016 RTM and keys are available for downloading in MSDN

Great news!

SharePoint 2016 RTM and keys are available for downloading in MSDN!

SharePoint 2016 in MSDN

SharePoint 2016 in MSDN

It is not officially anounced yet. I think the official anouncement of the general availability will be in a few hours on The Future of SharePoint event. If you haven’t registered for it yet, I would recommend to do it. Jeff Teper, the father of SharePoint, will unveil Microsoft vision and roadmap for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business on this event.

The SharePoint Community


Hi colleagues!

Probably, some of you have already known about SharePoint Community and are already its members. Those of you who don’t know about it yet, should definitely at least take a look at it. It is a very fast growing community and it already has more than 3000 members. It has really nice articles, features and benefits.

One of the cool features I have been looking for since I started working on SharePoint was online chat with other SharePoint administrators and developers. This community has it! It is pretty active so you can talk with other SharePoint guys in real time!

Also it has a lot of benefits for members. Today, I was one of the lucky people and have won a prize. It is a book which was donated and written in part by Jasper Oosterveld. The book is called The SharePoint 2013 Handbook: An insight by the SharePoint community. I have not started to read it yet, but will definitely do that in a few days.

So, I invite you to join this awesome community, because it is really worth it!

You can feel free to add me as friend. This is a link to my profile.

Regards, Michael

My blog has been moved to the new domain

Hi friends!

Several days ago I finally moved my blog to a new domain. Now its main location is Old domain ( and old direct links will be either accessible for about a year, but it is better to update bookmarks even now.

I have prepared quite a few interesting posts, but for a while they are only in my mind and in some pieces of code. 🙂 I hope I’ll find some time to publish them soon. So, stay tuned!

Regards, Michael.